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Senarai Kroni Anwar Terdedah. Kini Giliran Kroni Azmin Ali Pula.

Senarai kroni yang MyMassa dapat ini dari buku Mohd Sayuti Omar.

Trademark Mohd Sayuti....dari dulu sampai sekarang mengeja pun tak betul

Jika dulu si Sayuti ni tegar menentang Anwar Ibrahim, kini dia pula tegar menjadi pencacai Anwar.

Kali ini MyMassa ingin berkongsi artikel seorang yang dulu menjadi pencacai Anwar Ibrahim yang kini menjadi penentangnya iaitu RPK. Kenyataan RPK kali ini menyentuh mengenai kroni Azmin pula.

RPK: Dr M, Daim ‘de facto leaders’ of PKR
RK Anand | July 5, 2012

Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin claims that a businessman linked to Daim Zainuddin is financing those in PKR who want to see Nurul Izzah fall.

PETALING JAYA: Bizarre is it not? Perhaps even downright preposterous.

Imagine Dr Mahathir Mohamad and former finance minister Daim Zainuddin being the de facto leaders of PKR, a party born in the wake of the former premier’s decision to dismiss Anwar Ibrahim and haul him to court, a move in which Daim’s contribution was said to be instrumental.

But as blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, who made the allegation, noted: politics was interesting.

He claimed that a well-heeled businessman, linked to the even more well-heeled Daim, was bankrolling a group of rising stars in PKR.

The rising stars, PKR strategies director Rafizi Ramli – known for spilling the milk on the infamous NFC scandal – and communications director Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad were loyalists of PKR deputy president Azmin Ali.

The duo, according to Raja Petra, were Azmin’s “secret weapon” to arrest the ascent of Anwar’s daughter Nurul Izzah in PKR.

“They are bent on making sure that Nurul does not emerge as her father’s successor,” he said.

The whispers in PKR was that Azmin viewed Nurul as a threat, especially with her now being touted as the possible first woman prime minister of Malaysia.

Raja Petra claimed that Daim’s protege Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah was financing the opposition parties, including PKR.

“He made his money through Daim and Umno. So why is he now funding the opposition? Has he turned? Has he repented? Or is he a Trojan horse trying to bring the opposition down?” he asked.

The blogger alleged that Wan Azmi’s man Wong Chen had played a key role in former PKR leader Zaid Ibrahim’s failed bid to win the Hulu Selangor parliament seat.

Previously, speculation was rife that Azmin was uncomfortable with Zaid’s entry into PKR and had sharpened his blades for the former law minister.

The latter eventually made an acrimonious exit from the party after failing to defeat Azmin for the number two post and accusing him and Anwar of rigging the contest.

Is Daim fighting for change?

As for Nurul, Raja Petra claimed that the Azmin, Rafizi and Nik Nazmi axis was hoping that she would be defeated in her Lembah Pantai parliamentary constituency in the next polls.

The PKR vice-president, who slew Umno giant Shahrizat Abdul Jalil in the last polls, was expected to face Federal Territories and Urban Well-being Minister Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin.

“Their hope is that Nurul will be defeated in Lembah Pantai in the coming elections, which will cut her political career short.

“Then in the next party elections, Azmin will contest the presidency with Rafizi as his deputy and Nik Nazmi as one of the vice-presidents,” said Raja Petra.

“And with Wan Azmi’s help this may all come true. Wan Azmi may even throw a few tens of millions into Raja Nong Chik’s election campaign to help him defeat Nurul,” he added.

But what was more interesting, Raja Petra noted, was Daim’s role in this issue.

“Is Daim, through Wan Azmi, fighting for change and will like to see Umno kicked out?

“Or is Daim more interested in seeing PKR split into two camps and through Wan Azmi is making sure that they have millions to spend to make this possible?” he asked.

“Well Mahathir is now the de facto leader of Umno. That, we all know. Can we assume that Daim, through his protege is the de facto leader of PKR?

“And since Mahathir and Daim are in the same team, can we therefore also assume that Mahathir is the de facto-de facto leader of PKR?” he added.

*Patutlah Azmin Ali banyak duit......


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