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Edisi Dewasa Malam Jumaat : Babyrina Oh Babyrina.

Tiba-tiba aku teringat padamu Babyrina.

Bukan saja-saja ingat tapi member bagi peringat.

Ada ke dia post dekat wall dia pasal Babyrina. Namun ada link yang diletakkan bersama yang membawa aku membaca artikel ini.

Babyrina and four witnesses

If you remember the days of dialling 1515 through a 56kbit dial up modem, chances are you know who Babyrina is.

During the days of ‘Jaring’ being the only Internet Service Provider, Babyrina was somewhat of an urban legend. Some say she’s actually a Latino while others say she’s an ex-MAS stewardess who resides in United Kingdom.

Whoever she may really be, in the days of limited bandwidth and having the patience to wait several minutes for pictures to load, Babyrina filled the exciting imaginations of many pubescent young men in the early nineties.

Yes kids, this is before Facebook, heck it’s even before Friendster, this was the time where the definition of social network is #kampung at MIRC.

Anyway for the sake of some readers I should do some explanation. Babyrina is supposedly the first Malay porn star whose pictures hit the Internet in the early nineties.

This were the days when handphones have yet acquired the capability of taking pictures and recording videos ( hence 3GP production was not yet available) thus randy photos of a Malay lass in action was something very rare which in turn propels Babyrina to stardom.

She became a household name amongst the few netizens back in those days. I believe she hosted her own site complete with paid membership and all the jazz of an adult entertainment entrepreneur.

Of course this was eons ago. Now locally produced videos are abundant around the net in the form of pixelated 3GP formats and some even in high quality high definition infra-red spy camera videos shot from various angles.

From the stairs of a low cost flat to hotels and fancy apartments indeed it has been a long journey since the days of Babyrina.

The rise of the infidels

Ironic it may sound, it seems that today, Babyrina is even more related to the Malay society more than she was during her heydays of cyberspace.

The only difference this time around is that unlike before, where her name was being mentioned in discussions amongst amorous netizens who has time to spend on waiting for things to load, this time she is more related in the realm of politics and morality.

Now if you follow Malay politics you should notice by now that one of the favourite subjects when it comes to politics amongst the Malays is Islam. Not that there’s anything wrong with it for aligning your political ideology with the values of Islam, it is something that every Muslim should do.

The only problem is that thanks to politicians, when it comes to a political discourse it usually ends with the conclusion that the other side are infidels.

You can’t win when face with righteous self-proclaimed honourable teacher who somehow seems to give out ‘fatwas’ that coincides with political expediencies. After all they say who is he who lacks knowledge to question the honourable teacher?

Take for example when politicians began to preach that videos and DNAs shouldn’t be used in courts and that a true Islamic way to settle disputes is to bring it to a syariah trial hence the need to produce four witnesses.

Some even go as far as bringing in ‘Qazaf’ as a measure of proving innocence because of the prosecutors’ failure to produce four witnesses.

I have been accused of many things when posing questions on these ‘interpretations’ of the Islamic laws, from the usual ‘Kafir’ (infidel) to ‘Yahudi’ (Jewish) though I don’t really mind being the latter as my usual retort being “Ok lah tu, Nabi Isa pun Yahudi jugak”

If I were to take a narrow interpretation of the Islamic law, one would need to produce four witnesses when accusing someone of adultery or indecent behaviour and by virtue of that a video, picture or any form of scientific proof deems invalid as it was never mentioned in the Quran.

Quite stupid don’t you think?

And even more amazing, let’s just say authorities wanted to press charges to Babyrina, the infamous Malay pornstar for “indecent morally detrimental activities”, they would then need to produce four witnesses who saw her in action right before their eyes (meaning live).

Any failure to do so, Babyrina can file for Qazaf in the very same court to sentence authorities for wrongdoing and false accusation.

But of course, Islamic laws are not that narrow nor is it that idiotic. There’s no such notion that all scientific empirical evidence is excluded for the sake of four witnesses.

Different rules for politicians

There are things such as ‘Takzir’ which means under the discretion of a judge and the notion of bringing in four witnesses only arises when no scientific nor circumstantial evidence is available.

Since the burden of proof falls under the prosecutor, failure to submit any credible four witnesses, the accused can apply for ‘Qazaf’ to seek damages as his or her reputation is tainted.

Imagine wedlock pregnancies or rape cases where DNA and semen and such obvious evidence are simply shoved away because failure to produce four witnesses.

If you were to ask the usual political preacher on questions of morality and values and brought forth the case of say one Babyrina who corrupts society with her sexual deviancies being caught on tapes, you will get a thumping approval of prosecution.

Perhaps also a lengthy explanation on how one may apply the Islamic laws and various measures to ensure such things can be brought to justice.

You will be enlightened and perhaps to a certain extent, though you may disagree with its implementation, you won’t be as fearful as it like you were before; perhaps ‘Hudud’ isn’t really that scary after all.

Now here comes the punch line, ask the same question again, only this time around change the name to a well-known politician.

You think you will get the same answer? Sure? Here in Malaysia, people often get confused between politics in Islam and politicising Islam.

Zaidel Baharuddin is Mr Right, Mr Right Wing that is, electronics engineer by day writer by night, Frank Sinatra fanboy all day long, catch me at, or follow me on twitter via @Sinatra_Z. He is a FMT columnist.

Masyuk siot baca artikel ni. Mantap seh. Yang tak mantapnya artikel dan post member aku membuatkan aku teringat balik kat Babyrina. Dah la malam ni malam Jumaat.

Sebelum aku menamatkan entri ini lebih awal dek penangan Babyrina (nak kejar perkara sunat), aku kepilkan info tentang Babyrina yang aku jumpa kat forum Cari. Gambar pun aku tepek tapi yang ok punya la. Nak yang panas boleh tanya Pakcik Googel. Info ni khas untuk budak-budak remaja yang tak mengalami zaman dial-up yang lambat macam siput babi.

lagenda BABYRINA

Mungkin generasi muda sekarang tidak sempat mengenali siapa Babyrina. Babyrina memang terkenal sebagai ikon dan keyword yang paling panas di Internet pada tahun 90an dahulu. Gambar Babyrina lucah Melayu yang terawal di Internet. Babyrina adalah pelopor gambar bogel gadis Melayu di laman web pada lewat 90an. Babyrina muncul sebelum skandal Linda Rafar, sebelum kes Peramugara Terlampau. Pada masa itu belum ada iPhone, belum ada MMS, sebelum broadband, sebelum WiFi juga sebelum 3G. Babyrina memang legenda. Kecantikan Babyrina 'luar dan dalam' memang menjadi lagenda. Potongan susuk badannya yang setanding dengan Miyabi. Setiap keping gambar bogel beliau diambil secara terang, jelas dan cukup focus. Semuanya jelas. Tapi gambar-gambar berahi Babyrina amat susah ditemui sekarang. Mereka yang prihatin akan dapat melihat tahi lalat yang terdapat di tepi pusat Babyrina yang membuktikan ini foto Babyrina asli. Babyrina adalah Ratu Seks Melayu No 1 yang sehingga kini tiada tandingan. Namun secara tiba2 tiada lagi gambar2 Babyrina selepas pihak berkuasa mula menyiasat Babyrina selepas menerima aduan orang ramai. Siapakah sebenarnya Babyrina? Benarkah dia seorang peramugari MAS? Di manakah dia sekarang?

Nak lagi panas, tanye pakcik Googel.

*Yang tengah search gambar Babyrina tu...selamat melayan kenangan indah anda bersama Babyrina. Wakakaka.....


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