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KBCC - Kota Baru Convention Centre?

The PIS (Parti Islam SeMalaysia) also known as Pas just concluded their assembly in Kota Baru. They dont call their assembly a 'perhimpunan'. Out of disrespect for their own Malay language these Arab wannabes prefer instead the Arabic word 'muktamar'. Nothing good has ever come out of their gathering. They were all floating on arabic gas for three days and probably think they are all going to their heaven.

I live in Bukit Jalil (which is one and the same as Sri Petaling) and over the past three days another group of Arab wannabes - the Jemaah Tabligh people - had a huge shindig at their centre in Sri Petaling here. They call their gathering an "ijtema" - more Arabic words. And these guys were almost floating off the ground. They are really convinced they are going to their heaven too.

The Tabligh eschew worldly activity. Other than substantial quantities of food, they do not partake of reality. There were many foodstalls set up in Sri Petaling and there was trash, styrofoam containers and plastic wraps thrown around everywhere. Thats what happens when you are too heaven bound. And they dont take part in politics. Neither do they do any charity work.

After the 2004 Tsunami none of them volunteered any help. One of them said the disaster is a 'duniawi' affair or worldly affair. So they dont get involved in such things. They are strictly 'heaven bound'. Their philosophy taps on a yearning to get away from responsibilities and commitments. What we may call a vacation. The difference is our vacations do come to an end.

Well other than the PIS, the PKR also had their convention in Kota Baru quite recently too. So Kota Baru is becoming a bit of a convention town for the Opposition. There are reasons why the PKR chose to go all the way to Kota Baru. They are a dying party.

Of over 200 'divisions' less than half even had their annual meetings - usually necesary before the general assembly. But their divisions did not fail for lack of trying - there is not enough interest among PKR members at the grassroots. They did a quick pulse check (I got this directly from one of the five ex PKR Independent MPs in Parliament) and realised that having their convention in Kuala Lumpur (like the huge gathering they had in the Melawati Stadium after the 2008 General Elections) may not work. It could be an embarrasment if there were huge empty halls. (The YB also says that a few more PKR MPs are going to leave the ship).

So the decision was made to move to far away Kota Baru and get the help of the PIS to provide the numbers. Hence at the PKR convention in Kota Baru, the majority of those present were self employed (meaning unemployed) local yokels from PIS. Here are some pictures (lifted from Minaq Jinggo).

Above : The most recent PKR convention in Kota Baru

The PKR convention a year earlier (Selangor?)

The women's wing saw more than half the seats empty in Kota Baru.

The women's wing of PKR suffered the most with less than 300 attendees at their sessions. One big reason for the weakening support for PKR is the constant delaying and postponement tactics employed to conduct the sodomy trial. Many PKR supporters are beginning to see through the scam.

As much as Anwar wants to delay the trial, two other groups see much to gain from the postponements too. One is of course Karpal Singh and the DAP. The other group are the BN folks. The delays weaken PKR even more. This benefits the DAP and the BN of course.

The same waning interest has afflicted the latest PIS muktamar in Kota Baru. After the first day, the halls became empty. Half the crowd had left by the closing day. It is quite easy to handle these 'we are going to heaven' folk. Just dont engage with them. Tun Dr Mahathir made it his career to constantly pick a fight with the PIS pots. Somehow this made them appear the underdog.

In this regard Dato Najib is handling them quite well by not getting drawn into their brain dead brawls. The latest is they want to debate the soccer pools gambling - which is the preserve of the non Muslims. Just fatwa the thing as haram for Muslims lah - along with pork, zina, sumbang mahram and whatever else you desire.

Someone tell the dunggus to debate how to manage the subsidies and how to make the Malays more competitive. But unfortunately for them there are few or no Arabic words to describe these more important things (al - kompe-ti-shoooon??) Hence they will not venture into alien territory.

But if they are just ignored and not made to look the underdog, people get tired of them quite easily.

Even with the Barisan Nasional bungling and fumbling all over the place, there is no real support for the beardos and the rear enders. We need good leadership to pull the ship tighter together.

Posted by Syed Akbar Ali


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