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How Karpal sodomise Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim?

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Lim Guan Eng has said Tan Sri Vincent Tan cannot operate his Sports Betting shop in Penang. Everybody thinks this is a very good action by Lim Guan Eng.

People don't know that organised crime in Selangor (under Ronnie Liew) and in Penang have paid millions of Ringgit to Lim Kit iang, Lim Guan Eng and DAP because they want to run their own illegal betting operations in Selangor and Penang. Chinese people know this already.

Today story about Karpal Singh. In 1998 trial of Sodomy 1 for Anwar Ibrahim, Karpal was lawyer also for Anwar Ibrahim. The idea at that time is use Anwar’s problem for DAP’s advantage.

DAP want to make sure that not multi racial party, other than DAP, is inside the Opposition. So PKR was a threat to DAP power base. So Karpal make sure that Anwar goes to jail for first Sodomy trial.

During first Sodomy trial, the AG made big mistake. They state wrong date for sodomy of Azizan by Anwar in Tivoli Villa. At that date, Tivoli Villa was not completed yet.

If Karpal keep quiet, the case would proceed with the wrong date. Then when the case is finishing (summing up arguments) Karpal can point out that at that time, even the Tivoli Villa also not completed yet. Surely the whole sodomy case will be thrown out.

Instead of keeping quiet, Karpal immediately made noise and said that the date was wrong because the building was not completed yet. This give chance for the AG to correct the mistake and then Anwar was still found guilty.

Why did Karpal, an experienced lawyer make such a big mistake and give a ‘bola tanggung’ for the AG?

He did that because the DAP want Anwar in jail. Then the DAP can pretend to be championing Anwar’s freedom. The DAP get a lot of support from the people. Anwar and PKR become very weak.

Now in Sodomy 2, Karpal has not asked Saiful Bukhari any tough questions yet. All Karpal’s questions have been easily answered by Saiful.

Karpal also insulted the Judge by calling him a liar. The Judge was patient and did not become angry. However Karpal is making the Judge angry every day. He wants the judge to let go his anger when Anwar is found guilty. Then the judge can jail Anwar for 12 years or 15 years.

If Anwar is jailed, again PKR is dead. But DAP will use Anwar’s name to become more popular. When Anwar is inside jail, the DAP will pretend to fight for his release. So the DAP is using Anwar as a sacrifice for their own popularity.

Anwar is going to get sodomised by Karpal a second time.

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